What do you mean it’s cold in Switzerland?

26 May

Hello, and welcome back to another installment of Life as an E.A.

Another story from the life of Princess Helper…

At P.H.’s previous job, she was given a new executive to look after.  She had been with The Firm for a year, was looking after original Princess, and even took care of The Attack, the managing director, from time to time.  She had a good handle on how things worked.  Unfortunately, she could not get her new exec, dubbed Micro Princess, to fit into her assisting style.  He was awkward.  He got weirdly nervous around P.H..

As P.H. basically had no tolerance for this sort of action, she put herself on the schedule for a little ‘feedback session.’ (Sidebar, terms like ‘feedback session,’ ‘do the needful,’ and ‘gentle reminder’ are all phrases, that, while necessary, basically cause P.H.’s skin to crawl).  The allotted time came, and P.H. marched up to Micro Princess’s office and opened the session with a bit of small talk, “How was Switzerland?”

Micro Princess had been traveling for work in the country off and on for the better part of two months.  It was late October.

His response?

“It was cold. I had to buy a jumper.” (*Micro Princess then tried to pass over a DKNY sweater at 100+ Euros as an expense – the P.H. did not submit).

P.H. had no idea how to respond to this statement.  As both P.H. and Micro Princess were both residents of Dubai, it can be taken as a fact that EVERY OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD would be cooler than their fair Emirate.  Especially Europe.  Especially Europe IN THE LATE FALL.  But it was his following statement that caused her to have a sad.

“You know what?  You should put the temperature of where I’m going in my calendar.”

At this point, P.H. knew the relationship was irreconcilable.  How could a grown man not know that a place so far north would be cool?  That he needed to pack a jacket?  That he could go online and in approximately 5 seconds find the temperature in his destination…?

In our next edition, P.H. and Micro Princess battle daylight savings time.

No, my boss doesn't actually look like this guy.


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