What do mean the time changes?

27 May

Another day, another story about the Micro Princess.

Now, while many conversations and crazy comments can be taken out of context, certain questions stand out as utterly ridiculous.  The P.H. has undoubtedly said some stupid things in her day, however, sometimes she wonders at the intelligence of her bosses.

(Micro Princess is a Doctor, as in a licensed medical practitioner. Please keep this in mind when reading the below story).

With growing dread, P.H. sees Micro Princesses number come up one morning.  Preparing herself, knowing there will be a specific request or insane question, she picks up.  After making some small talk, in regards to a particular teleconference,  she hears this gem:

“What do you mean the time changed?!”

There is no way of conveying the amount of anger and frustration in Micro Princess’s voice.  It is as if he expects, nay, demands P.H. to stop this worldwide event from happening.  It is as if he is personally insulted that such a thing should happen.  P.H. is speechless before, rather sarcastically, she responds, “You know, like it does every fall and spring.”

While it can be noted that time does not change in Dubai, and the fact that Micro Princess resided in South Africa for many years, where the time also does not vary, it should also be mentioned that Micro Princess has been a consultant for many years and has traveled all over the world.  The concept of daylight savings should not be unknown to him, nor should he fly into a rage over the event.

Furthermore, as with any of the stories in this blog – THIS IS OFFICE WORK – NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE IF A CALL HAPPENS ONE HOUR LATER.  And he should know this fact better than anyone – he is a doctor.

Somehow, P.H. manages to soothe Micro Princess’s troubled mind about the time change and barely makes it off the phone without laughing hysterically.


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