A Note About Food.

30 May

Eating is something everyone does.  It’s a fact of life.  However, some of us eat much better than others.  If you are what you put into your body, what would you choose?  What if you had no monetary limits?

Some of us (i.e. executives) fall into this category.  For those I have recently supported, almost everything they eat is paid for via expense accounts.  So, dear reader, if someone was paying you a per diem to have almost anything you wanted for every meal – what would you choose?  Sushi?  Curry?  Steaks?

How about McDonald’s?

How about McDonald’s every day for a week?

How about McDonald’s every day for a week and super sugary drinks from Starbucks every afternoon?

How about adding more meat to your every order?

What if you were a doctor?

P.H. used to wonder quite a bit about the health and safety of Micro Princess to her co-worker Mrs. Fabulous.  Mrs. F. couldn’t understand the fascination with the food selections or why P.H. even paid attention.  It was mostly because P.H. could not understand how an adult would choose such unhealthy food day after day.  While McD’s is good as a ‘sometime’ food, after a week, wouldn’t you just feel gross?  Wouldn’t you crave a salad?  Furthermore, if a grown man chooses to feed himself with fast food every day – how smart is he really?  Perhaps that was the biggest issue P.H. had with the matter.

Of course, Micro Princess was the polar opposite to Princess.  Princess, all 6’5″ of him, would basically never eat.  In all his expenses there would be many missing meals…

Try eating this every day for a week.


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