The Universe Makes Sense Again.

31 May

So, when P.H. was made redundant (what an ugly word) in December, she had a minor crisis and embarked on a interview process that was both frustrating and soul crushing (more on recruiting at a later date).  Either way, early in the process she had an excellent interview with a local company.  She and the potential Princess-to-be hit it off, and P.H. had dreams of her own office and Ramadan hours.

Then, the former managing director arranged an interview with a MAJOR CEO in town for P.H.  It was, unfortunately, the same day, P.H. needed to give Princess-to-be an answer for the job offer.  The CEO (who was housed in a super iconic place in the city, which is about all he had going for him) waited until the very last second to say ‘thanks, but no thanks.’

P.H. immediately followed up with Princess-to-be, sending an e-mail saying, “Yes – I can’t wait to join your team.”

The response?

“Because you didn’t get back to us (P.H. was delayed by 20 minutes), we offered the position to someone else.”

The thing is, P.H. knew who they were offering the job to.  Let it be said that E.A.’s come in all shapes and forms.  Certain E.A.’s are cut out to excel in their role, while others are perhaps better suited for other jobs.  An employer interested in P.H. certainly wouldn’t want Rish.  If the employer wasn’t smart enough to realize that fact, then P.H. has no further interest in the subject or the company.  With a simple phone call, Princess-to-be could have sorted out the situation – unfortunately, she did not make that call.

At the time, P.H. was devastated.  Then, she decided, it obviously wasn’t meant to be and moved on with her life.

Fast forward 4 months.

Princess-t0-be sends P.H. an e-mail – “How are you?  What are you doing? Are you still interested in working with us?”

P.H. had no great satisfaction than writing how nice it was to hear from Princess-to-be, but that she was currently and happily employed.  Hiding her glee, and resisting the urge to type I TOLD YOU SO! in large block letters, P.H. wonders where Rish will find employment.


One Response to “The Universe Makes Sense Again.”

  1. eebs June 1, 2010 at 12:10 am #

    that has to be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world – a big “up yours!” with a bow on top.

    btw, this is the most entertaining read i’ve had in a while…puts my work environment into perspective a bit & proves that crazy is universal.

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