The Mullet.

3 Jun

P.H. has never been blessed with a particularly good hairstyle, but her hair has always been, at the minimum, functional.  While perpetually two weeks behind on getting her roots touched up, P.H. can usually pull something together.

Snarking on other ladies is not something P.H. generally agrees with, but she can’t help herself with the Hater.  Outwardly, the Hater is fit and healthy, but there is one undeniable fact.

She has a mullet.

There are two completely distinct lengths of hair on her head.

For an ‘event’ a few weeks previously, the Hater and Previous EA Who Had P.H.’s job left work considerably early to “get their hair done.”  P.H. was excited, because a) it got the others out of the small and cramped office, but mostly b) she wanted to see if the mullet would look different when it was styled.

Unfortunately, even with a wash and blow dry, it was still very much a mullet.

Not quite this bad...but...

What do you work next to every day?  Anything interesting?


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