On Being Lazy.

6 Jun

Where P.H. used to work, there was an overwhelming ‘do it yourself’ mentality.  Cleaning up, binding, printing, coordinating, etc.  At the new office, this could not be further from the case.  New company employs two ‘tea boys’ (men who are around solely to fetch coffee, make copies, get visitors, wait for FedEx, deliver and get the mail, etc.) and a driver.  P.H., not used to this level of service, is very appreciative of their help (always using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’), but retains the ability to get out of her seat and get a glass of water.

The others in the office have no such problem.

On a daily basis, P.H. watches as the Hater CALLS the tea boy who sits DIRECTLY OUTSIDE THE OFFICE.  Because, apparently, getting off of one’s ass is too difficult.  She asks him for tea / coffee / lunch heating / water.  It is very important to note, all of the above are no less than 10 feet away.  And yet, these are not the worst transgressions.

1. Scanning.  After calling someone who sits less than 10 feet away, the Hater requests Tea Boy to scan something.  She is within arms length of the scanner.  P.H. cringes and usually has to leave the office.

2. Fetching. When the lunch cart comes upstairs, P.H. watches as the Hater does not find anything she deems worthy for a meal.  Rather than take one elevator ride downstairs to the cafeteria, the Hater gives money to the Tea Boy to do this most menial of tasks.

P.H. wishes, for one day, the Hater could experience how the rest of the world functions.  She also wonders how to stop everyone in the office from participating in similar behavior.


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