Laziness Continued.

7 Jun

So, the Hater got hated on this morning by her respective bosses – no surprise there, she doesn’t do much for them, and when she does it is with a sour face, a bad attitude, and a general level of well, what else? Hating.

It is examples like the following that show the Hater’s lack of proactivity and general dislike of all others.  From P.H.’s Junior Boss to P.H. and Hater:

“Puppy and I need a ride to today. If Driver is available, that would work, if not then please arrange for Taxi (Hater knows) to pick us up at 1:30pm.”

Pop quiz, hot shots, what do you think the Hater’s response was?

a) To ignore the email entirely, as P.H. would obviously sort things out

b) To respond with the only the details required

c) To turn over a new leaf – and take the initiative to CALL THE TAXI COMPANY HERSELF

d) To play with her mullet

e) To type loudly with her fake nails on the keyboard as if she would like to destroy the device

If you guessed (b), you were correct…although (e) is also semi-correct.

Literally, P.H. received a 1 line e-mail with the contact details only.  As there is so very little to do in the office, P.H. has no trouble calling, but knows it would be such a nice gesture if the Hater had taken the one minute to make the call herself.


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