8 Jun

P.H. worked late last night.  And by ‘worked’ she means ‘stayed after 6PM waiting for it to be 7PM so she could meet a friend and they could take advantage of the ladies night in the bar downstairs (free champagne and fresh kettle chips, yes please!).’  While waiting, she was supposed to be editing a book, but was distracted (cornered) by one of the tea boys.

As mentioned, the Hater was in a more foul mood than usual yesterday and the unwilling participant of her rage was Tea Boy.  P.H. had to intervene because the Hater had done enough yelling without good reason.  In doing so, P.H. made a new friend.

Seconds after the Hater left the office, the Tea Boy came in and laid it out for P.H.  Apparently, no one in the office likes the Hater.  No one.  There were many examples shared and multiple reasons why, but suffice to say, P.H. is not off base in her dislike for the Hater.

Yesterday was a good day.


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