Too Easy.

10 Jun

P.H. wonders, what do you look at all day long at work?  Is it a desk?  Are you outside?  In retail?

If you are at a computer, what do you have as your home screen?  Kittehs? Personal photos?  Some scenic landscape or vista?

If you are the Hater, you have…

A picture of the Crown Prince of Dubai.

In sunglasses.

Don’t get P.H. wrong, HRH is a handsome dude, but really?  At work, where everyone can see your screen, why this choice?  Does the Hater dream of a time when HRH will swoop down to the rented office space, whisk in to the 19th floor, and take the mullet far far away?

You’ll have to excuse P.H. as she is in a jovial mood – she is departing on a well earned trip to Beirut in a few hours!


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