Days Like These.

16 Jun

And some days, P.H. is reminded that work is really just “work.”  Mr. Boss returned from his extended NYC trip, and while the pace has picked up a little, P.H. is still doing plenty of her own work.  In addition to editing a book and recovering from a trip to Beirut, P.H. got to attend a treat today.

What, might you ask, would that be?

For NO REASON WHATSOEVER and at an expense of $100USD, the senior E.A. decided we needed to do a full tasting of the dinner the company is having tomorrow evening.  So, P.H. just spend the past hour eating salmon, steak, and a delicious desert at no cost to her.

For tomorrow’s event, in accordance with what is haram, there will be no alcohol served, so P.H. is going to hit the bar directly after work for some social lubricant before sitting through a completely unnecessary dinner.

I assure you, it looked much better than this.


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