On the subject of headphones…

5 Jul

So, P.H. feels rude, sitting here with her ears completely covered and listening to Grooveshark (her current favorite song is Lissie’s cover of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness which she has listened to approximately 5,234 times in the past 24 hours).  Unfortunately, working in such a tiny environment and being super sensitive to noise, the sound of one person (the Hater, natch) sniffling and coughing for 8 hours straight is too much for her to take.  Rather than come out and say, “Seriously, Hater, could you please stop existing?  Every sound you make is constant and annoying,”  or “P.H.’s body processes sounds differently than everyone else, want to cool it with the coughing, sneezing and general jitteriness?”  Instead, P.H. chooses to shut herself off.

If these were even bigger, they would be better.

P.H. knows the dream of the new office will doubtfully change anything, but it’s enough to keep her going.

The dream office.

P.H. wonders if it’s wrong to want to move up the corporate ladder simply so she can have her own office and shut the world out?


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