The Little Things / Vindication II.

6 Jul

In all honesty, Princess Helper doesn’t mind so much business casual.  While she would prefer to wear jeans or some sort of denim every day, she accepts the unspoken dress code as part of the job.  However, given the long hours at her desk, she takes a small comfort in her choice of footwear.  At The Firm, where she used to work, they were a bit more intense on the whole clothing selection.  Fortunately, at the new job, with only 4 support staff, garment choice is not really an issue (case in point, the Hater’s preference for what P.H. can only determine as ‘wannabe Asian biker chic’).

As P.H. usually visits the gym before work in the morning, she loves the freedom of walking into work and for most of the day wearing flip flops.

It's the small pleasures...

In other news, the driver at P.H.’s company last night decided to tell her that he also, could not stand the Hater.   After having been employed for only 2 months, P.H. takes satisfaction in gaining the confidence of the other employees in such a short time.

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