Manners, et al.

12 Jul

P.H. would like to point out some things to the co-workers she shares a closet with:

1. If you are going to have extended personal conversations (more than 5 minutes…), do the right thing and step out of the office.  P.H. would like to remind you that we have five additional offices at our discretion.  You are more than welcome to step into any of these spaces and carry on your  (many and multiple) non-work related discussions.

2. The use of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ go a very long way.  Even if you were not raised in a house where manners were utilized on a daily basis, making use of these pleasantries can go a long way for work morale.  P.H. encourages use of these polite gestures in any language – she herself can say ‘thank you’ in Arabic, English, Hindi, French, and Spanish and does so throughout the day – the her taxi driver, the tea boys, etc.  Even the most abrupt direction can sound nicer when you add, ‘please.’


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