New office details! (and a$$holery).

14 Jul

P.H. sees a light at the end of the tunnel.  Today she did a walk through of the new offices.  Ironically, while she will still be sharing a (bigger) office with three other people – it is technically a step up and the view is kind of awesome.  P.H. will be housed with the investment team, which, no doubt will be the source of some new and interesting stories for this blog.  The Talker will have her own enclave, and best of all…

…the Hater will be at reception (far away from P.H.).  The Hater does not know this fact yet.  The Hater will undoubtedly freak out when this occurs.  P.H. eagerly looks forward and anticipates this day.

It does not look like this right now.

Unfortunately, given the timing of the move, it appears P.H. will have to do some actual work – with the Hater leaving for a month, everything related to the move will be on P.H.’s shoulders.   P.H. knows better than to ask or receive any offer of help from the Hater, so she’s a bit intimidated about the next 30 days, but a trip to Amsterdam is waiting at the end of it.

Finally, a note from one of the Investment Puppies:

“What’s the delay in actioning this?”

‘This’ refers to a meeting invitation which he has already been copied on and knows all the details of.  The ‘action’ P.H. needed to take was to hit ‘send’ for a calendar invite.  The time between the initial instruction and this e-mail?  Approximately 90 minutes.

Can you feel the sarcasm in P.H.’s response?

My apologies – I was at the new offices doing a walk through Super Boss and The Talker, preparing for our move next month.

What she wanted to write?

Asshat, you know when the frakking meeting is – get over yourself.

Love and kisses,



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