A Note on Personal Work.

18 Jul

P.H. fondly remembers a time when work was work.  Personal shit was taken care of by the respective boss or executive.  With the exception of the Executive Producer, the demands on P.H.’s time were solely dedicated and motivated by actual work related to…work.

Then she moved to the Middle East.  For her former Princess, P.H. always wondered why she was required to do personal work when Princess’s spouse had no job.  It took a few years, but she got over it.  Still, P.H. bristles for e-mails like this one:

HI P.H.,

To do list:

  1. NYC trip
  2. Citibank charge
  3. HSBC charge
  4. BNY Mellon
  5. Brazilian Girlfriend’s healthcare

Each thing on this list is personal.  There is no ‘please’ or ‘thank you.’ P.H. suspects this terseness may have something to do with Mr. Boss’s anniversary weekend.  As P.H. received e-mails throughout the time period, she fears Mr. Boss may not have been laid.


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