On Sick Days.

19 Jul

P.H. realizes people get sick.  Although the occurrence of sick days is higher in this office than it is in others, she grudgingly accepts that one day off a week for a ‘pulled muscle’ is apparently acceptable, tolerated, and more or less expected.

What she doesn’t tolerate or respect is the following message from the Hater.  Let P.H. preface this by saying, The Hater knew she would not be in the office today.  And yet…

GM P.H.,

Yes, she is too cool to actually write out, “Good morning.”

I won’t be coming to work today n tomorrow as I have bronchitis n fever. I can’t even talk as throat is infected. So doctor has advised to take 2 days off.

Apparently, typing the word “and” is entirely too taxing.


If u don’t mind can u cover me up as in today n tomorrow can u come early by 9 as the telehone switchboard will be left unattended.

Would appreciate it.

No, Hater, P.H. will not come in an hour early because a) we don’t get calls and b) you sent this at 8:30.  Also, the use of ‘n’ grates on her very soul.

Still, P.H. is thoroughly enjoying the blissful quiet of this day.  Even if she has to cover for 6 people and prepare for an office move, the extra work is completely worth it.


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