Fun link and further notes on being sick.

21 Jul

So, P.H. had two blissful, quiet days without the Talker or the Hater to mess things up.  She will not share the ‘I’m returning tomorrow’ e-mail the Hater sent, but suffice to say the grammar was atrocious.  Due to the 9 hours of constant coughing, sniffling, and throat clearing from Sunday, it is no surprise that P.H. herself is also starting to feel sick.

When P.H. arrived this morning, her first question was, “How are you?  Are you feeling better?”


There was no ‘wow, thanks for covering for me – I really appreciate it’ or anything similar.

Another gem from today? P.H. offered, on multiple occasions, cough drops to the Hater (who has been coughing non-stop for most of the day).

“No, I have my own.”

Which begs the question, why doesn’t she use them? P.H. knows, why force logic on the situation?

Lifehacker goodness below:


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