Sugar Daddy.

27 Jul

And not the cupcake retailer.

Over the past month, P.H. has come to the realization that many of those she supports could be classified as ‘sugar daddies.’  This puts forward an interesting conundrum.  While P.H. has personally been responsible for putting together travel itineraries wherein the woman traveling has zero responsibility for any costs incurred.  Let us be clear, dear reader, P.H. is not talking of a quick trip to Vegas to stay at Circus Circus, she is referring to first class tickets and staying at 5* resorts.

P.H. wonders, just what is it these women are doing to create this scenario?  Sexual exploits aside, where do they meet the Sugar Daddies?  How do the conversations go?

“Hi, yes, I will sleep with you – by the by, I expect you to take me to the One and Only and fly me first class to the Maldives?”

Sorry, honey, you have to put out to get here.

P.H. misses her original Princess.  While he was a proper Princess, he had a family he loved and was not sleeping around on his wife, or dropping buckets of money to fly freeloaders around the world.  P.H. supposes she has more respect for him than she originally imagined.


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