Another note on expenses.

1 Aug

So, P.H. has been trying to decide how to approach this subject for awhile.  Part of P.H.’s responsibilities (which, by the week, fall further and further away from anything that could be defined as actually assisting), involve inputting all of Mr. Boss’s personal receipts into a handy Excel sheet.  Not that big a deal really…  P.H. understands it is for tax purposes and being an ex-pat, she can relate.

Here is the problem:

He doesn’t tip.

There are many things in life which are forgivable.  Not taking care of your service staff is definitely NOT on the list.  While tipping is not required or expected in the Emirates, the difference for what 10 or 20AED means to P.H. or Mr. Boss versus what it means to the server is a big one.  P.H. might even be willing to forgive the fact that he was dining at less classy establishments, but that is not the case.  If Mr. Boss is willing to spend upwards of 1500 AED on a meal (~400 USD), then he should be willing to cough up some cash for those who provided the service.

The same sad fact is on both his corporate credit card as his personal card – and even worse infractions take place.  Case in point – 200AED on at 4200AED bill.  Unless he is tipping in cash (not likely) than…ugh.

For the most part, Mr. Boss is generous – regularly taking out the investment puppies, buying his Brazilian girlfriend ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, splashing out on a nice hotel stay for his former assistant – but the fact remains time and time again, he doesn’t believe in gratuity.

His current expenses total for the year (not including foreign expenditure, which is at over $20,000USD easy) is over 88,000AED…

Maybe he’s taking his part to seriously help the global economy?


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