A note about alcohol.

8 Aug

Whew!  P.H. apparently had a lot of pent up posting she needed to share with world or maybe she’s just procrastinating on editing a book. For perhaps the first time in her life, P.H. is working with a majority of co-workers who do not drink alcohol.  Ever.  As a part time alcoholic, this fact sometimes makes P.H. very sad.

For example, during most weeknights, P.H. meets up with various friends (Book Club, Little Kansas, and the MILF) around town to enjoy Ladies Nights.  More often than not, P.H. will not be able to turn down free champagne, or an additional glass of vino, and will wake up the next morning feeling the effects of the previous evening.  However, when she comes to office, there is no one to commiserate with, no one to share remedies, no one who can even understand what it is like to be hungover.

Furthermore, when it comes to sharing stories about weekend events, P.H. feels uncomfortable sharing tales related to some of the sillier alcohol motivated events…

Also, do not get her started on the unbelievably  (shamefully) low tolerance of the Puppies.   It is entirely embarrassing.


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