The Hater Takes A Holiday

8 Aug

Since her World Cup adventure, P.H. has been back to the UAE for roughly six weeks.  In that time she has witnessed the Hater’s extended attempt to plan a vacation.  Although P.H. rejoices at the fact that the Hater will be away, the build up to actually booking anything has been a lesson in patience.  As there is ample downtime at work, besides being consistently sick, it appears this trip has been the Hater’s only other activity.

Step 1:  Debate for 2 months whether to go to the UK or the US

Step 2:  Decide to visit the UK

Step 3:  For no less than three weeks, go back and forth with a travel agent regarding flights and hotel, shouting at them how you want limo pick up, early check in and late check out

P.H. is also amused by some of the other facts, figures, and comments:

“…the shopping is sooo much better in London.”

The thing about living in Dubai is that every major label and brand in the world is here.  The sales are actually decent.  If there is something you really want, tailors are readily available.  In fact the only thing we do not have are thrift stores and consignment shops, which P.H. desperately misses.

“I’ve been tons of times before.  My family lives there.”

“Is it cheaper to book online for an airline, or through an agent?”

As the Hater struggled with accommodation,  P.H. (who has been to London no less than four times herself) suggested, both or the possiblity to rent an apartment for the week, she was greeted with:

“We’re only going to be in our room to sleep.”

So, dear reader, is it worth becoming facebook friends with the Hater to see how the trip goes?  On a side note, as they have mutual friends, P.H. can see that 8 of the last 10 updates on the Hater’s wall have been to change her profile picture.   The current pic says ‘no, I’m certainly not intentionally pouting or wearing five pounds of make up.’

Is it September 10th yet?

Go there and stay there.


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