“What’s that movie with Jason Staham?”

8 Aug

P.H. is playing a bit of catch up from last week.  She had been so busy scheduling personal travel for Mr. Boss and the Brazilian piece, she missed posting this gem.

Mr. Boss is about to take a month off, and is going to Milan and the Lakes District for almost two weeks, to the tune of 600 EUR a night.  P.H. has been trying to finalize all of the details so she can slack off for a month look like a responsible E.A.  In doing all the flights, trains, hotels, and transfers, she asked to confirm what rental car he would prefer.

The response?

“What’s that movie with Jason Statham?”

“Umm…  The Transporter?”

“Yes, that’s the one!  What does he drive in that?  I want to look like him.”

P.H. wishes this is what Mr. Boss looked like.

P.H. kindly did not mention that with his Brazilian piece, sister, and young nephew, this was probably not going to happen, however, although she was not able to find an Audi A8, she hopes the Audi A6 will be fine.

Have fun at Lake Como - don't bother me while you're there!


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