While She Was Sleeping.

9 Aug

BSCG has worked with her crazy Italians for over 2 years now and is no longer shocked by the texts at 3am asking her to find a cake maker for the next day that can create the “Perfect Princess Cake” for The Ex-Bosses 2 year old daughter or the 85 emails it takes to convince the Neapolitan that registering a business in the UAE does not take 15 minutes and 500AED. It does still amaze her – everyday – how self involved these people can be.

With the Partners all scattered to the winds for the holidays and an important project kick-off in less than a week – BSCG was asked to put together a conference call. This is not exactly rocket science, but when the Partners are in time-zones from Bogota to Shanghai there is not much wiggle room. To make matters more complicated however The Ex-Boss (more on this story another time) has decided that the call can only go ahead during his daughters nap time – no matter if that means making somebody else get up at 4am.

Fortunately, BSCG did not have to make this herself.



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