Karma can be a bitch.

15 Aug

P.H. rarely asks for help from others.  It’s not her way.  Given who she works with – in the end, it is much easier and far simpler that she does things herself.  While the balance of work has been completely off for over a month (P.H. – 4 executives + preparing for move vs. Hater’s 1.5 junior executives or less), P.H. has reminded herself she is happy to have a job that pays regularly,  allows her to write, and gets the work done.

Then last week happened.  Ramadan timings mean less time for work to get done.   P.H. flew around the office while the Hater sat calmly, never ONCE asking if she could help.

P.H. didn’t feel it was necessary to bring up such immaturity and complete lack of work ethic to her seniors…but they eventually noticed.  On Thursday, Mr. Boss called in the Hater and yelled at her for not helping.  Then he sent an e-mail to everyone:

I am formally requesting that your job description is expanded to include working with The Talker and P.H. on overflow work.  I know they will never abuse this privilege of being able to balance their workload through your help and thus please help out as much as you can as their request will always be out of genuine need.

Later in the day, P.H. came back to work after hours and they had a bit of a chat about the Hater.  Everyone recognizes the Hater is difficult to work with – so why won’t they do anything about it?  P.H. hopes this starts to spell the beginning of the end for the Hater.


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