Where to start?

15 Aug

P.H. has been completely underwater for the past week (more on how this special situation played out in upcoming posts).  With the Talker gone for an inexplicable FIFTH week, an overloaded P.H. is just getting around to sharing some of the special moments.

The first of the batch is this super unprofessional piece (sent, natch) from over the weekend which P.H. had to read through a few times:

Hi P.H.,

Can you make a check out to OUR COMPANY in the amount of SIGNIFICANT MONEY?

Also, accountant…

Once you receive the check from P.H. can you wire THAT SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT  to Brazilian piece?  Do this in the local currency.  Otherwise we incur too many fees.  Please do this first thing Sunday.

Wait just a minute, Mr. Boss…  What on earth could this money be for?  Let’s put aside the fact you are more or less using the company you work for as a temporary holding place for serious amounts of cash.  Let’s also put aside that now you’ve involved P.H., the Accountant, and now, by default the two senior Partners.  Let’s put aside you are traveling for an entire month and so cannot be here in person to sign anything.  Let’s put aside the fact that you’ve entrusted P.H. with an unbelievably personal task.


P.H. knows you pay for everything of the Brazilians.  You pay for her travel, her apartment, all her meals, her insurance, so what is she going to use the significant amount of money for?  Are you paying for her to go back to school?  Does she have some family member who is sick?  P.H. must find out!

What is this funding?!?!?!

More details as P.H. receives them.


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