The honeymoon is over.

17 Aug

In each new job, there is a special time when everything is new and you are willing to forgive many transgressions.  Unfortunately, that magical period comes to an end, and you realize well, there are a bunch of things that suck.  This exact moment came yesterday for P.H.  For a long time, she’s been able to let certain things go – reminding herself she’s very lucky to a) have a job b) work easy hours and c) get paid for it.

Then, she got this:

Dear P.H.

Do appreciate you always helping out but would also appreciate you being flexible as to Ramadan schedule because it really is not relevant given the workload we all have.  That said, I AM NOT COMPLAINING.  I just wanted to state the obvious so we are on the same page.  Thanks.

Except, Mr. Boss, you are complaining.  And do you know what you’re complaining about?  The fact P.H. wouldn’t stay late to call the Apple store in New York to see if they had an iPhone.  Also, that P.H. wouldn’t look up where to find jewelry for your girlfriend.

Mr. Boss, P.H. comes in early every day.  She does not take days off.  She is covering for four senior people because someone let the Talker go on holiday for 5 weeks (never mind, P.H. has only been with the company for 2 months) and the Hater is incapable of helping.  P.H. does not take lunch.  P.H. stays after work to call BNY.  P.H. does more personal work than she ever thought possible.  P.H. schedules so much stuff for your girlfriend, she begins to wonder if the Brazilian is possible of doing anything on her own.   The saddest part?  No one told P.H. about any of this during the interview.

Finally, Mr. Boss – you are supposed to be on vacation!  In two days of being ‘on holiday’ you have generated more work than if you were here.  P.H. wanted to use this week to catch up, and instead has been running ragged trying to ensure all of your precious calls, meetings, and overwhelming amount of personal shit gets done.

We need an HR department.


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