Train station turmoil.

30 Aug

P.H. is back from a glorious trip to Amsterdam.  The vacation was well deserved and entirely relaxing.  Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), the no stress situation did not last very long.

While booking Mr. Boss’s ENTIRE VACATION for he, the Piece, and most of the extended family, P.H. had to book train tickets.  In the ridiculous amount of paperwork she gave to Mr. Boss before he left for the month (yes, 1 calendar month – including all hotel reservations, plane tickets, and, natch, the train tickets), he went and lost the confirmation for the train.  As usual, when he misplaces something, he overreacts and calls P.H. in a panic even though she puts everything relevant in the calendar. P.H. cares little if he gets to Paris, or that he had to buy another set of tickets – after all, she is not entirely familiar with how trains operate in Europe, nor does she give a shit. More than anything,  P.H. is irritated because of Mr. Boss’s idiocy, she will need to figure out how to get a refund for the perfectly acceptable advance tickets she purchased.


Secretly, P.H. hopes this little bit of passive aggressiveness goes a long way towards Mr. Boss asking for future travel items and is looking forward to the long overdue conversation regarding personal vs. professional work upon his return.


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