And so it begins…

31 Aug

For as long as P.H. stays here, she has something to keep her entertained for the next five months.  The Liar (the nice young woman who had P.H.’s job previously, and neglected to tell P.H. all of the extensive personal work and weekend work she would be doing), is returning to the Emirates next February for her wedding reception.

The Hater and The Talker and EIGHT OTHER GIRLS are going to be bridesmaids in this momentous occasion.   That’s right, ten bridesmaids.  Seriously.

P.H. has tentatively been invited to this event…and, if for some reason she is still working here next February, will be delighted to attend.

...It's all Greek to me!

Apparently, the wedding has a theme and that theme is Greek.  P.H. guesses this fact does not matter to anyone accept The Liar and the Talker and that 90% of the guests will miss this fact entirely.

More details as they come.


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