“You. Are. Welcome.”

1 Sep

With Mr. Boss away, the Investment Puppies are acting out worse than ever.  For example, last night, they decided they wanted to return from Jeddah a night early (never mind the additional fee of the hotel we would have to pay).  After P.H. found them the flight they wanted and rebooked all their flights (naturally, the Hater had no part in helping as it was technically after hours), the first question was, “Is it business class?”

No, “Thanks for doing this, P.H.”

No, “Wow, I really appreciate your quick work in solving this problem.”

Instead the almost instant response, “Is it business class?”

Although P.H. responded with a one word answer, “Yes,” she really wanted to drop kick her Blackberry.

(BTW, one hour later they switched their flight again – back to the original.  Oh Puppies…)


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