The Creeper.

2 Sep

This is not far from the truth.

So, P.H. has only briefly mentioned the office creeper, who is one of the office tea boys.  There is a vibe P.H. cannot ignore and it is that of a proper creeper.  It is mostly innocent creeping, but today was over the top.  The copier needed fixing.  It is located a mere two feet from P.H. left side.  With no mind for personal space, P.H. had to sit and watch the copier repair guy fix while the Creeper STOOD RIGHT BEHIND HIM FOR THE ENTIRE TWO HOURS IT TOOK TO FINISH FIXING THE COPIER.  Seriously, it was like observing a little kid watch his dad fix the car.  The Creeper’s look of weird fascination has P.H. wanting to go home and shower.


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