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6 Sep

Unsurprisingly, the Puppet Master’s plan worked and Mr. Boss changed his plans to return on Saturday.  While P.H. was trying to go to sleep last night, she saw this gem appear in her inbox.

Can you pl check for availability from tomorrow to Saturday?  I have no hotel for tomorrow so homeless.

Really, Mr. Boss?  You changed your flight less than 24 hours before you were scheduled to depart and now have no place to stay?  Way to think that one through.   As a more open minded thinker, if P.H. was Mr. Boss, after changing her flight, she would have gone downstairs to her local concierge and asked for some assistance in finding a new place to stay.

The exact same situation occurred during the first week of Mr. Boss’s month off.  He frantically called wondering which terminal his precious Audi was waiting at.  P.H. wondered how he managed to forget asking the concierge at his 300+ Euro a night place in Milan.


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