Droppin’ Benjamins.

13 Sep

So, P.H. has just input most of Mr. Boss’s expenses from the past month.  She is not lying when she says the total month’s spending weighs in around 30,000 Euros.


P.H. was rocking along until she saw the receipts from NYC.  If you will recall, dear reader, Mr. Boss was supposed to visit the esteemed offices of BNY in his four days in the States (to settle some personal finance issues to the tune of over $1 million USD).  Also during this time, he was offended P.H. did not stay late to track down jewelry for his girlfriend.

Where was he?

Firstly, watching “movies” in his room.  Eww.

Secondly, going to Bergdorf Goodman and dropping close to $7,000USD on bags for the Piece.

Maybe P.H. is just jealous no one has dropped $7K on her at one time.

In going through the receipts, it becomes obvious that Mr. Boss spends A LOT of money on the Brazilian.  While a tiny part of P.H. is jealous, mostly, she’s glad Hubs would never do the same.  Case in point.  Hubs went on a whirlwind trip home over the weekend to a friend’s wedding.  She knows he will bring back a very treasured item – Swedish fish.

P.H. idly wonders if she should suggest Mr. Boss donating some of his money.  If he has enough to spend money like it’s water, perhaps he could make some contributions to those less fortunate?

Obviously the superior gift.


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