What is P.H.’s motivation?

16 Sep

Seriously.  As an E.A., P.H. understands her place in the professional environment.  She makes things happen – calls, meetings, deliveries, moves, contacts, etc.  It is her job to facilitate these events within the company.

As Mr. Boss continues to more firmly place her in the P.A. category, P.H. has to wonder why she would have any interest in helping with his chaotic personal life.  When he says, in a very worried tone, “I need to arrange payments with (no less than) 5 financial institutions or I’m going to be in very big trouble.”

P.H. wants to ask, “Why do you assume I care?  Why does it matter to me if month after month after month you cannot get your shit together?  I’ve reminded you in every way possible, and you refuse to do anything about it.  Why do you think for one second it matters to me if your house and cars are repossessed?  In the MONTH you had off of work, you chose to neglect each of these things.”

Is it Monday yet?  P.H. is anxiously awaiting her hopeful offer and freedom from this life.


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