Weekend work.

19 Sep

Why was this call not set up?

What Mr. Boss does not understand is that one of the many reasons P.H. chooses to be an EA is so she does not have to work on weekends.  In the world of P.H., the weekend begins at 6PM on Thursday evenings, and ends at 10AM on Sunday.  Furthermore, the ‘set up’ of the call was in no way complicated.  There was no dial in details, no passcode – merely one person calling another.  For a man who manages multi-millions, she has to wonder how the basics of calling another person escape him.

If Mr. Boss would like to step up P.H.’s pay by a 20% – 25%, then she would consider dealing with his bullshit on weekends, but hopefully, after tomorrow, she won’t have to.

Also, to mention, the call was one of a personal nature, and in no way related to the company.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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