When being passive agressive works.

20 Sep

P.H. is ANXIOUSLY awaiting a new job offer, but while she waits, some updates from the goings-on in her completely dysfunctional office.

Yesterday, she had an impromptu ‘pow-wow’ with Mr. Boss about the fact she did not schedule a personal call over the weekend.  She attempted to make it clear that she was hired as an Executive Assistant and not Personal Assistant in Charge of Sending Reminders to Wipe Ass.  She made P.H. aware of how much personal work he was generating and how she had not been made aware of this in the interview.  Mr. Boss claimed he saw no difference between personal and professional work.  Mr. Boss blamed and sobbed and ranted about how much he worked on the weekends.  P.H. knows he makes at least 17x a month what she does, and wanted to remind him that these were all *his* choices.  She wanted to gently tell him it was not her fault he neglected to do any of his personal work / finances during the MONTH he was off of work.  And then, the best – they came to an agreement that P.H. would consider *if* she wanted to do this sort of work any further and give him an answer soon.

P.H. knows she doesn’t want to do this work.  P.H. was trying to buy herself time to wait for the new job.

When the meeting ended, Mr. Boss said, in the tone of a petulant 8 year old, “Well, don’t do personal work any more.”

And then he walked away.

Knowing she will hopefully be quitting in the very near future, P.H. smiled at his retreating figure.

Today, Mr. Boss completely forgot about his request not to do personal work and requested P.H. look up the prices of 3 different airlines round trip tickets to London for the Piece.  P.H., as requested, did so.  Then after a series of exchanges received this from the Piece.

Dear both,

That’s ok, I’ll deal with my own flights from now on as I want to avoid misunderstandings such as the Paris flights wrong timings. Besides, booking online is cheaper that doing it through the travel agency.

This is the first P.H. is hearing of any Paris issues.  However, in a way, she had always meant for something like this to happen.  She has intentionally made it more and more difficult to book personal travel for Mr. Boss and the Piece.  While she was unaware there was any ‘wrong timings,’ in a way she could not be happier.  And at the same time, this makes her very sad.  Before this place, P.H. had a lot of pride in her work.  In five short months, she has gone from absolute control to real apathy about what happens and when.

Hopefully, all this is changing within the next couple of hours!


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