Awkward, Party of 12.

27 Sep

So, there are some inherently weird things going on at the new office:

1.       The rather blue LED lights which serve no purpose and generally create an atmosphere of pathetic discotheque near the entrance.

2.       The fact that P.H. has been asked to record the greeting for the phone message.  Repeatedly.  P.H. could care less about the absolute minute details and versions of making this recording.  Furthermore, she has no idea why the RECEPTIONIST (the Hater) would not be asked to fulfill this duty.  In addition, P.H. WILL NOT WORK HERE MUCH LONGER, but apparently, her voice will go on (and on).

3.       There is a giant hole in the floor outside one of the offices.

And yet we moved anyway.

4.       As everything was supposed to be made soundproof, rather the opposite has happened and it is quite easy to hear other’s conversations throughout the office.

5.     The puppies (who P.H. now shares an office with) have complained about the following (thus far – total time in office is less than 15 hours):

  • Lack of coffee providers
  • Lack of food providers
  • How long the food takes to arrive when ordered
  • How long it takes to park
  • The positioning of their desks
  • The air conditioning

...? P.H. cannot understand their function. It's a bit like working in an aquarium.


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