So, when P.H. asked…?

3 Oct

There are three puppies on the Investment team.  As noted, in the recent office move, P.H. has been seconded to their den.  The most notoriously obnoxious of the Puppies was missing on the move day, so P.H. snagged a corner desk the furthest away from all of them.

The next day, Obnoxious Puppy shows up and P.H. says, “You are more than welcome to my desk, after all, I’m not going to be here much longer.”

O.P. picks another desk.

A week later, Mr. Boss returns from his London trip and asks, ‘how everyone is enjoying their space?’

O.P. declares he is going to move to P.H.’s desk when P.H. leaves.  P.H. asks, ‘why didn’t you say anything last week?’

O.P. says nothing.  Ten minutes later, Mr. Boss says P.H. needs to switch desks with O.P.  P.H. thinks O.P. can wait until October 21st and is not going anywhere.

You cannot have P.H.'s desk, nor can you have her stapler.

In much better news,  P.H. has been bonding with her new co-workers.  From an initial standpoint, they drink, they joke, they act normally.


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