“Let me go,” she said.

5 Oct

P.H. knew it would get to this point, but she didn’t expect to be quite so disappointed.

There’s a new character in our midst – one that goes by the name of Mafia Accountant.  He has, out of nowhere, decided to make P.H.’s life a living hell and through any means possible, will try and screw her out of money.  When P.H. pulled a sickie yesterday (only the second time in her life which she has done so), the e-mails began flying around the office.  Literally, all work stopped as Mr. Boss, Mafia Accountant and The Talker sent messages back and forth while P.H. was desperately trying to concentrate on the training at her new job.  Apparently, they had nothing better to do yesterday morning than bitch about P.H.

It got ugly.

It got so ugly, that P.H. is desperate to finish working and is considering telling and out and out lie just to get done sooner.

As P.H. has little to no respect for the group, their opinions and actions don’t have a lot of impact on her, but she did have a tiny sliver of hope that things could end on semi-tolerable terms.


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