The Showdown. P.H. vs. Mr. Boss.

6 Oct

Apparently, Mr. Boss was operating under the impression that P.H.’s probation period had ended.   In the world of reality, P.H. has been employed less than 6 months and her contract explicitly states her probationary period is for 6 months.   Mr. Boss vehemently claims that because P.H. was paid vacation days, that she ended her probation period.  What he’s trying to argue is that because P.H. is no longer under probation, she is required to work there until ‘an adequate handover has taken place.’

Fuck no.

P.H. remained very calm, gave him full eye contact, and did not rise to any of his baited attempts and low blows to get her to argue.  She reiterated her point that per her existing contract she had given a 30 day notice period, and
would work no further.   She also explained that she was happy to forgo / forfeit the original vacation days given to her. She made it so easy for him to just accept that she wanted to leave, but he wouldn’t.  She could tell the two others in the room (that’s right it was 1 vs. 3…) understood what she was trying to say…that is, I AM DONE AND PLEASE LET ME GO.

Mr. Boss then claimed he was going to go and “speak with the founding partner about this issue.”  She worked extensively for the founding partner over the summer, and is optimistic he will remember her as a diligent worker and not the bitch Mr. Boss is no doubt going to make her out to be.

After the meeting, P.H. reviewed her e-mails and never once did she receive formal notice that her probation period was over.  It was never / has never been communicated.

P.H. is not sure how he will try and spin this.

Updates as they arrive.


Get you some, P.H.!



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