New levels of immaturity.

15 Oct

Most Annoying Puppy got in a snit yesterday because “someone used his trashcan?!?”  P.H. could not control herself and said, jokingly, “Seriously?  Control much?”  Then, above his outrage, P.H. calmly informed him that she and Nice Legal Person had enjoyed their lunch in the office and that was how the mystery trash ended up in the trashcan.

She believed he was more lame than ever, but mistakenly thought that’s where things would end.

She was so so wrong.

She received a CORKER of an e-mail from Mr. Boss today (why he is opposed to picking up the phone and calling her with his many issues is beyond her) in regards to many things, but also “in the sake of privacy, you will need to transfer your things to sit next to the Hater.”

Yes, the Puppy snitched on P.H. for her comment.

Is there no end to how low her co-workers will go?

Five days, people, keep your fingers crossed P.H. comes out alive.

Oh no she DIDN'T!!!!


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