In which P.H. gets a signature.

18 Oct

So, you may have asked yourself, “why is P.H. putting up with all this bullshit?  Why does she not just leave this place or crazy and dysfunction?”  The answer, dear reader, is because she needs to have her labour card canceled so she can begin her new job without issue.  If the labour card is not canceled, it will be very difficult to legally work at the new office.

P.H.’s biggest hurdle?  Getting the signature of Mr. Boss on her handover notes.

P.H. played the game yesterday and today quite well, sending nicely worded e-mails and, in her coup de gras, left a hard copy of the notes with Mr. Boss’s kryptonite.

With a ‘sign here’ tab.

Like any boss, management and executives rarely read what is put in front of them.  The sight of the yellow and red tab is their weakness and P.H. preyed upon it.

With 3.5 days to go, she needs only another signature (not from Mr. Boss) and to hand in all her crap.  Easy.



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