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24 Jan

P.H. has tried to let things roll off of her, but has reached at point she must share.  She now works with the MILF.  The MILF supports the MD.  The MILF hates the MD’s girlfriend.  The MILF introduced the MD to a friend of hers.  The friend and the MD hit it off.  The MD neglected to tell his girlfriend of 8 years about the date and got caught out.  Everyone in this situation is OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER.

Now, the girlfriend is trying to involve the MILF who is involving P.H. in a shit storm of drama.  P.H. has literally said, “I don’t care.”

You know why?  Because she doesn’t.  She doesn’t care that people feel they are so self important they have to do weird and crazy things to involve as many people as possible to get attention.  She is glad her own life is drama free.  She really wishes the MILF would listen this time and stop asking her opinion or to read messages and texts between the triumvirate of crazy.

Can we ever really escape drama?  Or, as long as there is human interaction, will there always be bickering?

P.H. is really looking forward to the day she can work in a home office…in another country.


And she’s back.

6 Jan

Happy new year!!!

It seems wherever P.H. goes, she finds an antagonist.  Fortunately at her new work (which is awesome thus far), that person is everyone else’s enemy as well.  Let us introduce Creepy American.  Creepy American is among the most disturbing people she has ever had the chance to meet.  While Mr. Boss may have been immature and pretentious, at least his ick factor was at a minimum.  Not so with Creepy American.

Creepy American’s defining characteristics?  Creeping.  Unlikability.  Non-communication.  Terrible management skills.  Also hurting the team?  Creepy American looks like Pat.  (P.H. has nothing against our transgendered friends, however, no matter how immature it is on P.H.’s end, she is creeped out by his appearance).

Would you want to interact with this?

As P.H. is not reporting to him, she is less involved, but has some frustrating e-mails to share.

From the first day back to work:  “Happy New Year! We would like assistance with identifying candidates for the following positions.”

The positions?  6.  The amount of turnaround time?  1 week.  (P.H. should note it is very difficult to find well qualified candidates to go to Sudan at the drop of a hat.  More than anything she hates the forced pleasantry of the ‘Happy New Year’ – knowing full well Creepy American doesn’t mean the sentiment, also because it should read “Hope you had a nice fucking break because now your ass is mine for the next week!”)

“If he is only unavailable for a couple of weeks, this is not a problem. We can deploy him at the end of the month.  Can you please follow up with him and see if he can do that at the higher rate we are proposing?”

The guy?  A candidate who has family issues and who we wanted to grossly underpay. Me?  I have no intention of calling some guy and saying, “Oh yeah, remember how you said you had a family emergency, apparently, my project manager cannot read between the lines and wants to push you into accepting a job at a reduced rate.”

“Let’s have a meeting this afternoon when Nice PC gets back from Abu Dhabi so that we can review where we are with the Sudan recruitment. We will also need to perform reference checks on the selected candidates before we submit on the 12th.”

Really?  Reference checks?  Why didn’t I think of that?!?!