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Say it ain’t so.

3 Feb

Apparently, PH’s music listening habits managed to crash the internet for the entire office.  She was told she can no longer listen to internet radio.  Having relied on favorite tunes as an escape from the open floor planned office, this more or less breaks her heart.  Without Grooveshark, she has to rely on an antiquated iPod shuffle for music.  She realizes there are many more pressing issues in the world, but music was practically her only way of coping.

PH does not listen to Phish exclusively, but is sad now she cannot even if she wanted to.


In trouble.

2 Feb

Never mind all the hard work PH has been up to since she started a little over 3 months ago.  When she was calling one of the many (many many) farmers recently, she began doodling while on the phone.  Please note, dear reader, she calls people every day where English is not their first language.  It is frustrating, difficult, and the person it is ultimately ‘for’ is a bit of a prick – so there is not as much motivation.

So, she drew a mustache on one of the candidates pictures.

Immature? Yes. Hilarious? Also, yes.

That specific CV (not a clean, new printed one) went to the main office.

They were not impressed by a silly mustache which took approximately 5 seconds to draw.   So not impressed they threatened very angry action.

PH is glad they have time to focus on her immaturity and not the literal heap of people which need hiring – most of whom she has directly sourced.  PH has looked at over 1,000 resumes for this project and has not once received a thanks from the Prick.