Constructive Criticism.

8 May

P.H. is back.  She has survived a round of redundancies and feels the need to start posting a bit more.  First of all, she had a scary thought the other day – nearly a year ago she started work with Mr. Boss.  Please allow P.H. a moment to suppress a shudder.

Moving on…

P.H., a former EA and writer, is a stickler for punctuation and grammar.  Her current boss, The Director, has consistent difficult with spacing and spelling in her e-mails.  P.H. would go so far as to say 9 out 10 e-mails have some sort of obvious and glaring error in them.  When The Director spelled the managing director’s name wrong, P.H. thought this was a good time to send a quick ‘did you know about automatic spell check?’ e-mail.  The e-mail was sent in good spirit and not to cut down The Director – merely to alert her to the fact that there were some issues.

Her response?

Thank you for your comments P.H.

You may also find it beneficial to review the grammar and punctuation in your  e mail

The Director

Does The Director really hate commas that much?


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