No inner monologue.

8 May

One of P.H. teammate’s is a lovely young woman that P.H. and the MILF long ago dubbed ‘Bubbles.’  Bubbles, you will be shocked to know, is blonde.  After nearly 8 months of working together, P.H. grows a bit weary of one thing – that Bubbles involves EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN A 10 FOOT VICINITY in nearly every element of her life (included but not limited to such gripping topics as: her dealings with Matt the Twat, what to eat for lunch, what happened last night, what happened over the weekend, where she bought the clothes she’s wearing). There is simply no respite whatsoever from the constant onslaught of details in Bubbles’ life.  P.H. has her own theories about why this is (mainly, loneliness).

P.H. puts it to the people.  Do you work with a similar personality?  Have you found a way to politely say ‘thanks, but I don’t care, please stop talking.’


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