Sex, you’re doing it wrong.

8 May

Apparently, P.H. has plenty of built up angst she needs to unload on the virtual world.  She appreciates your understanding.

So, the aforementioned Bubbles seems to have an issue keeping a man around.  As she is incapable of keeping the details of her sexual activities a secret for more than a week at the most, P.H. and the MILF wonder about the following truth.  Bubbles has slept once with three young men in the past 10 months.  None of them have moved to pursue a relationship with Bubbles.  And no, none of these hook ups were meant to be one night stands.   All were entered with the context of something more.

P.H. wonders, really wonders, how could one person be so very *bad* at intercourse that you wouldn’t get to at least try for a repeat performance or another chance?


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