The Knife.

8 May

Now this is a knife.

So, P.H. has another co-worker.  He is Australian, fighting the battle of the bulge.  He works in finance.  He likes anime.  He wears clothes that do not fit him properly. He eats the exact same meal every day.  He hates tomatoes.  Given social situations she’s seen him in, P.H. suspects he may be slightly autistic (Asperger’s).

He also plays with a knife all day at his desk.

Yes, you read that last line correctly.

Due to P.H.’s line of sight (thankfully), P.H. was unaware of the fixation until the MILF pointed it out.  Now, it’s all she can see.  Is it weird he likes to put the knife IN HIS MOUTH a lot of the time?  The knife isn’t super long – maybe 4 inches?  Still, call her crazy, but P.H. thinks that weapons are not acceptable in the workplace.

Sigh, P.H. does wish for a normal work environment.


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