Office Romances.

25 May

So, P.H. has never been involved in one.  She tends to think, ‘If both parties are single, no harm no foul.’  However, what happens when one of the parties are married?  In the past two weeks, it has become increasingly apparent to EVERYONE that there is some highly inappropriate action going on between Mr. IT and the Swede.  The Swede has recently come out of a major relationship and may be seeking male attention – however, in a city where men outnumber women by a considerable margin, why does she have to go for the married one that sits right behind her?  Too his discredit, Mr. IT is doing nothing to deter her behavior and what was once verbal flirting has moved towards obvious physical flirting.  As a married gal, P.H. wants to take them aside and say, ‘Cool it.  You are making everyone uncomfortable and you are both old enough to know better.  Furthermore, this can only end badly.’

Only they are definitely not this cute.

What say you, reader?  Do you know anyone in such a relationship?


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