29 May

By nature, P.H. is very frugal and hates to see money wasted.   She hates it even more when the travel budget for her own department is tossed around like there’s no tomorrow.  The worst fact of all is that EVERY other single person in the department has traveled – except P.H.   The Director, who is a very good recruiter, but a terrible manager, likes to throw money around like it’s going out of style.  Never mind the company just went through a major round of redundancies.

Case in point, the Director’s upcoming ‘training’ sessions.  With new members of the team joining shortly (about those redundancies – apparently they don’t apply to P.H.’s department!), she has just proposed bringing over two outgoing personnel (from AUSTRALIA!) and another person from the U.K.  (for TEN DAYS!).

As we near June, P.H. wonders if there will be any funds left in October when she is so desperate to go to London for a legitimate conference and networking event.

We're going to need a lot more piggies.


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