Mark this date.

5 Jun

Last Thursday was a very bad day.  The work PH had been doing for the past 2 months is basically worthless and she’s now looking at 3-6 months of being in a triumvirate of dysfunctional living.  With A LOT of egos running around and pay scales down for all of the poor people she’s recruiting, Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 officially marks the day of how much she can take.  Although it’s a bit sad this is only 8 months in, the office generally recognizes PH’s boss, the Director, is the most impossible person to work for.  So, she’s going to carefully start looking to see what else is out there.  And she’s not alone.  Last week saw the frustration level of the entire office tick up in a big way.  Two of PH’s other colleagues are also starting to consider other possibilities.

Will there ever be a place where people function normally?  Even acting normal 50% of the time would suffice at this point…


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